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Improve wellness together, build stronger communities, discover innovative tools to educate, empower and promote Usness.

By helping yourself, you also help others. Join our online Tribe meetings & webinars to find out WIIFM here.

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Balance Minder provides the tools and support to all Australians to improve their physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Through a Tribe approach, Balance Minder collaborates with communities to promote positive choices for health. 

Balance Minder courses are designed to be inclusive and helps you to become the best version of YOU!

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The Balance Minder Way!

15 minutes at a time

Easy to access

Suits all fitness levels

No special equipment

Seated or standing

Any time, any place, any where.

On Your Feet Time Out
Tai Chi

Gain stress relief and experience a modern-day version of the mindful and calm moves of Tai Chi.

Focus on flexibility and breathing.

Build inner strength for resilience in all facets of your busy life.

Off Your Feet Time Out
Tai Chi

Feel safe while getting active at your pace.

A great starting point for managing chronic pain and enhancing mental well-being.

Don’t let limited mobility get in the way of finding flexibility, strength, calmness and a sense of achievement.

Value YOU! Wellness Course

Follow along with our online program on a journey of self-awareness to Find YOUR Story by clarifying and recognising your unique Talents. Your Talent Statement will give you the confidence to share and TELL your Personal Story. Combine this with both the On your Feet & Off your Feet Time Out Tai Chi Courses and you are on your way to embracing your best self.

Learn to Teach:
Time Out Tai Chi

Exercise, Health and Education Professionals

Upskill to lead Time Out Tai Chi

Support wellness program within your community

Start talking mental health and exercise

AusREPs receive 14 Fitness Australia CECs

Expand your business services


Allied Wellness Providers including Natural Therapy Practitioners, Essential Oil Resellers, Wellness Coaches, Dieticians, Allied Health Professionals and Time Out Tai Chi Leaders

Value add to your service offerings

Include inclusive exercise in your client’s wellness plans

Make positive changes to people’s lives

Engage with inactive community members

Be rewarded for your work

The Leadership Wellness Program

Making the move a Mentally Healthy Workplace 

Face to face training customised for organisations or businesses focusing on empowering your community and promoting Usness for wellness.  Online resources available to support continued learning.

Join our
Wellness Webinars

Connecting communities through the power of the internet.

Join our tribe to talk wellness

Customised webinars/online meetings available

Use your Tribe Affiliate bonus

Time Out Tai Chi Learn to Teach Check Ins

Wellness Embodied

Balance Minder courses are for any one, any time and any where.

Wellness Embodied

Balance Minder courses are for any one, any time and any where

  1. Improving overall health + wellbeing of our communities
  2. Linking improved mental health with exercise
  3. Managing chronic pain
  4. Improving the effects of other exercise
  5. Promoting inclusiveness in exercise
  6. Sharing positive ‘time out’ with kids
  7. Keeping it simple sessions
  8. Building resilient tribes
  9. Embracing Usness for a healthy world
  10. Educating and empowering
Our Values

Our Values

We believe that wellness is a complete body and mind solution

We believe in making health + wellness accessible for all

We believe in respect

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Please consult with your medical and health professional before commencing any exercise program.

Please consult with your medical and health professional before commencing any exercise program.

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