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Improve wellness together, build stronger communities, discover innovative tools to educate, empower and promote Usness.


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Join the movement for better health and wellness

Balance Minder provides the tools and support to all Australians to improve their physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Through a Tribe approach, Balance Minder collaborates with communities to promote positive choices for health.

Balance Minder courses are designed to be inclusive and help you to become the best version of YOU!

From self care to corporate care we can all Lead Well.


Self Care

Pivot Well with our selfcare program to enhance your wellbeing and promote healthy choice in your life.


Workplace Wellness

Lead Well through upskilling and resources to increase your Teams productivity and enjoyment of your workplace.  Using our 5 links to Lead Well to empower your Team Wellness Influencers


Learn to Teach Time Out Tai Chi

For Exercise, Education & Health Professionals to be able to deliver this innovative and inclusive exercise and mindful movement program


Corporate Services

An online wellness platform developed for your organisation with Virtual LIVE and on-demand classes


Book Club

A place for conversation on books celebrated as 'life changers" in the way we lead.



Workplaces where people feel connected are more productive & efficient



Create value & worthiness through professional development


Be Active

Mindful movement, positive breathing techniques and all team exercise 

Healthy Eating

Make it happen in the workplace, quick, tasty and lots of fun


Mental health & inclusion, the basis for all wellness activities 


Anytime, any place, anywhere

we can help with technology training

Wellness Hub
Updates, recipes + tips to live your best life




Research indicates our social support and social integration
as playing a high importance in our health and being.
50+ papers with data from 19799 employees show evidence of a reliable and quite strong relationship between employees’ identification with team and organisation and their health.
Key conclusion: Workplaces without a sense of “us” not only tend to lack leadership but also make people sick. 

94.74% respondants agreed.

Survey Course 2019

One way to connect with all the groups within the workplace is through values, aspirations and behaviours. When we find common ground on issues we are more likely to connect. Values convey what is important to us in our lives. Values motivate us.

3 top workplace values: Communication, Good work ethic & treat people with respect, Teamwork.

Survey Course 2019



We believe that wellness is a complete body and mind solution

We believe in making health and wellness accessible for all

We believe in respect

Please consult with your medical and health professional before commencing any exercise program.