Balance Minder Podcast

“The simple art of connection is the key to community wellness", in this podcast we look at the positive affects connection has on our overall heath and wellbeing.

Leanne Simpson is Balance Minder's Wellness Educator and Coach .   Through mindfulness, gentle exercise and a whole lot of support, Leanne hopes to inspire others to take time out for themselves.

Leanne’s mission through this online community is to help us thrive and be positive examples in mental wellness for our whole community.   Everyone is welcome in this group; and we ask you to be respectful of each other. Together - side by side we can lighten the load. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Season 1 - Tribe Talk 

In Tribe Talk, Leanne chats with community leaders about – Why is for themselves and the different organisations they represent to connect as they share a takeaway item for us to use and share with our own tribes.

Season 2 - Wake Up Well

Leanne is joined by Beyond the Classroom Australia’s Peta Jeppesen as we take on a mindset to Wake Up Well.

Season 3 - Welcoming Jing (serenity)

It only takes a few words to start Welcoming Jing (serenity). This is a big (person) picture discussion, no swearing, just a reflection on connection, new friendship and why there is a drawing of a b_m in the book in the children's illustrated Time Out Tai Chi Welcoming Jing book