Create an "Embrace Technology Plan"

Free 1:1 planning session to see how YOU find joy in technology (yes, this is a discovery call with a difference)

Is this YOU?

Are you trying to make the world healthier and deliver Wellness Programs to your community?
This makes you an Influencer. It may be through exercise, wellness coaching, HR wellness programs and so much more.

Do you find it harder and harder to keep well yourself as you guide people through their health & happiness journey?
I understand, with over 20 years training and coaching people it can take a toll on us all and sometimes we need help ourselves. 

One of the perplexing opportunities we have is to use technology to enhance our time management, (I can feel you cringing, but PLEASE read on).   

Let this be YOU!

Taking time to learn the best way for YOU to use this modern-day gift is just impossible.
 This is where I can help.  
I love technology and I love even more helping people embrace the right technology for themselves.

 YES! The right technology for you! (this can be fun!)

Tune in and make the move for YOU!

Just hate technology but know you need to move forward.

 Step 1. Start dancing and singing: “Tackling technology takes time, embracing technology makes time! Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!  More time for me and mine."  (repeat as many times as necessary)

Step 2. keep reading and/or connect NOW!

Let me help YOU!

Enrol in this course and then book a FREE session with our Balance Minder coach Leanne Simpson and start to develop YOUR "Embrace Technology Plan".  Let’s consider some of the possibilities.

Time Management (work & play)

Start using an online booking program and have it work for YOU.
(No more cancelling coffee with a friend because suddenly there is a Discovery Call). 

Resources  Management (your IP)

Create an online training portal, distribute training materials in an orderly fashion, know who is accessing these materials.

Connect with Clients

Build your community (off Facebook) and have their contact details easily accessable. Create blogs and send out to your people.

It's your call, YOU decide which technology is for YOU (let's make a plan)

Course Summary

Completed step 1, WELL DONE, now Step 2 is enroll now, Step 3 follow the prompts and make a booking for your FREE session NOW!

Wellness Influencers Connect Course Contents

Leanne Simpson

Collaboration Specialist …

A passionate wellness educator and coach with more than 25 years’ experience in Research, Training, Assessment and Facilitation in the fields of Business, Communication, Hospitality, Customer Service, Fitness and Health and Well-being. Committed to improving the health and wellness of all Australians through an integrated Tai-Chi approach, Leanne delivers comprehensive customised wellness programs that exercise both body and mind for individuals and organisations, through her wellness platform Balance Minder.  She is the author of the illustrated children's book "Welcoming Jing" through good posture & breathing. 

"As the Principal Trainer & Assessor for  Time Out Tai Chi, I help Educators, Exercise and Health Professionals, who are looking to support their Colleagues, Students and Clients to become calmer and healthier through our Time Out Tai Chi Learn to Teach digital train the trainer platform."

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