Wake Up Well with Balance

The word "balance" is out there everywhere. What does it mean to you? Why to you need to connect to your actions? Leanne and Peta asks us all to Wake Up Well with new and innovative ways to reset your mindset.

Wake up well is a Facebook live weekly event with Peta, Beyond The Classroom Australia and Balance Minder by Leanne Simpson will help you find your new normal as we think about prevention rather reaction to compromised well-being.

Start the day well.

Embrace a positive mindset,

Love organisation,

Feel delightful focus,

and take the right action for you

By helping yourself, you also help others

Acting together for a healthier community

Balance Minder believes in collaboration and has partnered with professionals who have similar values to provide health and well-being packages.

Leanne Simpson from Balance Minder

“Education is power!” has been Leanne’s lifelong philosophy. Her passion is to make learning inclusive, engaging, and enjoyable.

Her resume is long and diverse as she has ventured to calm her inquisitive mind.

This led her to Tai Chi and its documented health benefits.

Peta Jeppesen – Beyond the Classroom Australia

Peta Jeppesen has nearly twenty years of experience in education. She has worked as a classroom teacher, as an assistant principal and as a school principal. She’s worked in urban, rural, remote and even international settings. She’s experienced the highs and lows of the profession and is committed to helping teachers find more joy and balance in their work.