Exercise is not a 4 letter word!

How many of us cringe at this word “exercise”?

It is not even a 4-letter word, but we put it in the unmentionable pot, out of site.

Yet for most of us “cake” makes us smile and it is a 4-letter word!

Let’s make exercise our chocolate cake!

With any good cake we cut it into pieces.

Piece 1 – doing something is better than doing none.
Piece 2 – enjoy and savour

Piece 3 – start gradually and build up to desired goal
Piece 4 – one nibble at a time

Piece 5 – accumulate up to 30 minutes a day
Piece 6 – cut into smaller servings

Piece 7 – be active on most days of the week
Piece 8 – a bit each day sweetens life

Piece 9 – do muscle strengthening activities on at least 2 days each week
Piece 10 – enjoy the strong flavour and aroma

Piece 11 – Enjoy what you are doing
Piece 12 – Congratulate yourself

So instead of thinking exercise think a calorie burning cake.

So! get out there a have a well and happy life and yes you can have your cake and eat it too.