Chuck a feed in the car!

Travelling Tip from Leanne Simpson: been throughout Australia, spending a whole year on the road with her family, living in a dome tent. It was FUN!

Chuck a feed into the car

Hit the road, Jack!” is blasting out of the car stereo, you gently squeeze the knee of your partner as he negotiates, the vehicle around a bit of tyre rubber lying in the middle of the road. 

You grab hold of a mint and unwrap it and place it in your mouth, yes you will do one for him as well. 

Life’s good! 

You carefully flip down the sun visor and look into its mirror your lipstick is still in place and the kids are still there!

Travelling with children can be a nightmare, filled with despair and anger or be a moment cherished forever. It’s all in the planning. 

Add eating, feeling, pooing machines to your road trip and you need to have a plan. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have spontaneity in your journey; you just have to have a contingency strategy.

Take the eating part. Every time you stop at a fuel servo, the “Mums and Dads please can we have?” grinds your eardrums. Be firm “No!” This is for everyone’s own good. 

The money spent will certainly blow out the budget and the usual side effect of the chuck-chunders will not enhance the comfort of the journey in any way.

Solution: purchase a picnic set with enough settings for everyone add a sharp knife and cutting board, small saucepan to boil water, heat soup and beans and even milk for a hot chocolate, a portable gas stove, the one that uses gas bottles that look like aerosol cans and a small esky and freezer bricks. 

This could set you back about $80 - 120, sounds a bit much, not when you consider one snack stop will set you back at least $25 and it is pretty hard to find a carwash with wet/dry vacuum out in the country. 

Stock up with the basics -butter, jam, tea, coffee, milo, salt, pepper, tinned baked beans and spaghetti. Just purchase the bread fresh daily or get some of the wraps in the stay fresh bags. 

Many a memorable moment can be created at a playground in a little country town. 

So often we focus on the end goal, instead of the whole journey.

Leanne Simpson has travelled throughout Australia, spending a whole year on the road with her family, living in a dome tent and moving around in a Landcruiser Troopy and towing a boat.

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