Who are we?

Our Mission: You

The Balance Minder Way…

Inclusiveness: Every body has the right to exercise and as a community we need to support this

Education:  Our college takes a full-circle approach to health and wellness

Collaboration: specialising in linking organisations and community groups for better outcomes

Tribes: Let’s do it together

Resilience: Strengthening ourselves to build strong communities

Usness: recognising the wellness link to social networks

Accessibility: 15 minutes at a time, easy to access, suits all fitness levels, no special equipment, seated or standing…Any time, any place, any where.

Our programs can be customised for the needs of your community organisation or business. We would love to supply you with our Capability Statement.

Nationally Awarded

Time Out Tai Chi was a national finalist in the Australia Fitness 2020 Community Activation Awards

The Balance Minder History

The inspiration for Balance Minder was found in 2008 by Leanne Simpson with the purpose of improving health and wellness of all Australians, through an integrated Tai-Chi approach.

It is the culmination of over 25 years teaching experience across business, communication and a range of sports, as well as formal qualifications in Personal Training across a range of exercise types.

Through a specialised Tai Chi business “Time Out Tai Chi” and customised wellness courses trusted by corporate and government organisations we have improved the health and wellbeing of many diverse communities.

Balance Minder also offers a Fitness Australia approved CEC course for Health, Education and Exercise professionals, providing the skills to learn to teach Time Out Tai Chi, enabling delivery of tailored programs to clients and students.

We believe…

…wellness is a complete body and mind solution

Moving the body is only half the job. We believe in training the mind as well for optimal wellbeing. It is about improving strength and flexibility, also helping to reduce stress, depression and anxiety, leaving you with more energy and stamina.

…in respect

We respect our bodies by only performing exercises that feel right. We respect our minds by offering it that chance to feel “balanced”. We respect each other by supporting one another on our journeys to better health, no matter where the starting line is.

…in making health + wellness accessible for all

Feeling fit and healthy is for every body. All should have the chance to improve the health and wellness of their body and mind. That’s why we offer solutions to improve your wellness; no matter what your fitness level, health or injury condition, or time available.

…in community

Usness is about coming together and embracing our tribe, so we can improve wellness by building stronger communities.

The Heart behind Balance Minder

Leanne’s Story

Leanne has lived and worked in rural, regional and remote centres of QLD for most of her life and understands the heart of the people. Being a small business owner for close to 20 years, Leanne’s philosophy is all about Balance.

While living in a remote rural community, Leanne suffered from post-natal depression following the birth of her first child. With a desire of wanting to be better for herself, Leanne sought strength in a local Tai Chi class and became interested in the reason why Tai Chi worked so well.

From her background in Training & Assessment, Leanne recognised that others too might like to learn the benefits and reap the rewards that Tai Chi had afforded her.

While attending her first Instructor’s course in Sydney, where things seemed a world away from the small community she called home, Leanne realised the power of ‘breath’ and her wonderful adventure of Time Out Tai Chi began.

Basing the style on the traditional form of Tai Chi and adding her own adapted gentle movements that focus on improving mental health, Leanne developed Time Out Tai Chi (meaning taking a breath before) and has been facilitating a range of face to face classes for more than 10 years.

With a love for storytelling and wanting to encourage families and educators to make the move to have ‘time out’ together, Leanne authored a children’s book titled ‘Time Out Tai Chi Welcoming Jing’ which was published in 2010.

Loving an adventure and with an entrepreneurial spirit running in her veins, Leanne has consistently developed her knowledge and expertise over the years, refining her scope of practice to develop Balance Minder, a complete wellness solution.

While keeping up the paperwork end of the family business, Leanne is an active community advocate and supporter of many local initiatives in the Mackay and greater Whitsunday region. Leanne is a member of Soroptimist International of Mackay, Mackay Chamber of Commerce and she has successfully collaborated on many projects through her wide-reaching networks within Government, NGO’s and Not for Profit community organisations.

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