Women of League we applauded you.  The evening was about acknowledging and thanking YOU for your contribution to Rugby League. 

(Play Greatest game of all)

From selling raffle tickets through to representing Australia we have all contributed to Rugby League Football the greatest game of all.

As a child I started as a toddler on my Dad’s hip.  He played and coached for over 30 years.

I think for those first few years he forgot I was a girl.

I went to training, in the change rooms and to all the games.

One day Dad realised it was time for me to go help out at the canteen, why?

I think it was t huge crush I had on Mal Meninga

I loved the game, but in those days GIRLS didn’t play.  Today it’s a different story.  WELL DONE ladies.

A lot of you are behind the scenes.

The scaffold supporting and keeping this game strong.

So it is important to keep yourself as fit as possible in body and mind.

“As fit as possible” is the clue here. Each one of you have your own story and it is important to benchmark your  “as fit as possible” only against yourself.


We all carry physical and mental barriers one being we put others before ourselves.

I would like to ask you to lead the way into making your world healthier “By helping yourself, you also help others.”

There are many ways to do this and this afternoon we are already ticking off be connected, giving to community and be creative.

Look at all the beautiful outfits we are wearing.

So lets take time out to be a little Active and learn something new.

Time Out Tai Chi – (Play “Rocky theme”)

Great work!

Remember to you can simply be the best! – “By help yourself, you also help others”.

(Play “Simply the Best”)

Mackay Cutters Women in League event raises much needed funds for the Mackay Women’s Service.

Balance Minder is the approved training provider of online Time Out Tai Chi Courses.

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Lets talk Women in League,
thank you all the guest speakers.
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