Why we do this

Leanne Simpson Balance Minder Principal

Why we do this

The Balance Minder Way…

Inclusiveness: Every body has the right to exercise and as a community we need to support this

Education:  Our college takes a full-circle approach to health and wellness

Collaboration: specialising in linking organisations and community groups for better outcomes

Tribes: Let’s do it together

Resilience: Strengthening ourselves to build strong communities

Usness: recognising the wellness link to social networks

Accessibility: 15 minutes at a time, easy to access, suits all fitness levels, no special equipment, seated or standing…Any time, any place, any where.

Our programs can be customised for the needs of your community organisation or business. We would love to supply you with our Capability Statement.


Balance Minder has created a Facebook Group called Balance Minder Pivot Well, with the mission statement: Positive connection is the key to good health and wellbeing.

This Facebook Group is an online community of people who want to expand their village during the life changing journey which is COVID 19.

We are all running some type of business. It could be as part of a family enterprise, working for a company, conducting a small business or maybe at this stage in your life the business of Parenthood.

Our connection is we are all doing a balancing act and the best way to keep on track is through connection.



This group is led by Leanne Simpson, Wellness Educator and Coach and Accredited Time Out Tai Chi Instructor at Balance Minder.

Through mindfulness, gentle exercise and a whole lot of support, Leanne hopes to inspire others to take time out for themselves. Leanne’s mission through this online community is to help us thrive and be positive examples in mental wellness for our whole community.

Everyone is welcome in this group; and we ask you to be respectful of each other. Everyone is fighting their own battle, but together we can lighten the load.

Read more in the Group About section.

We hope that you join us!

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In the Balance Minder Podcast we look at the positive affects that connection has on our overall heath and wellbeing.

We chat with community leaders about – Why it is for themselves and the different organisations they represent to connect. We ask them to provide a takeaway item for us to use and share with our own tribes.

We ponder our own Self Talk. It is about being your own best friend, laughing with, encouraging, praising and sometimes, even giving yourself a little swift kick in the butt when required, but remembering by helping yourself, you also help others.

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