Push up Challenge

Mind your Balance Team

I need your help, please. You all know how important it is to me to break down the stigma attached to “Mental Health”. I am always going on about how mental health is one of the components of our overall health. Well I have decided to sign us all up under the name of Mind your Balance Team for The Push-Up Challenge. Each day there will be a target to reach. If you all do at least 5 a day and log them in the comments of this post. We will make it.
I will put the target up each day and you simply need to add your number in the comments and if you have a pic as well, that would be awesome.

Link on this image to see our Push up Challenge Community – We are the Mind your Balance Team

Online Virtual Hub Sessions

Through the wonder that is the internet we can connect through common interest. Get to know the trainer and ask questions, all without leaving the comfort of your home or office. Connect across the country, connect across the world.

Connection is the key to wellbeing, and we have added Tribe Talk, Connect for Energy LIVE & Calm my Tribe LIVE  to our online courses.  Let’s learn and laugh together.  Leanne has set up regular classes for Balance Minder’s Tribe Members.

Check out our calendar for a class to suit you. 

Balance Minder offers a range of online training and connection opportunities. From those all ready signed up or for those interested participants. The world wide web lets us sit at the same table even though we are miles apart.

Types of Virtual Hub Sessions

How do you or your clients become Tribe Members?  Sign up for our On your Feet or Off your Feet Time Out Tai Chi Course of any one for our programs Value YOU! or Mentally Healthy Workplaces.

Upskilling Time Out Tai Chi Leaders – Inviting all Time Out Tai Chi Leaders and those currently studying our Time Out Tai Chi Learn to Teach course. Join Leanne as we discuss putting some depth to our presentations and practice of this innovative and inclusive exercise program.

Tribe Affiliate online training meeting – Ongoing support and connection with those signed up to Balance Minders Tribe Affiliate program.

Personal one on one training/support – get to know the our CEO and ask your burning questions face to face (or rather screen to screen).

Wellness coaching webinars – By helping yourself you also help others. self car, its up to you. Connecting with like minded people to embrace a healthier and happier life.

Course Information Sessions – Before staring a Time Out Tai Chi – Learn to Teach Course, ask questions and get a little sample of what you will sign up for.

Community Classes – Online classes for you to connect with Leanne Click here


Finalist in Australian Fitness 2020

Community Activation Awards – Details HERE


To get started:

You will need one of these:

Smart phone
Computer with webcam, speaker and microphone

Download the Zoom App

Here is a great link, it will give you an overview and then you can find the device you wish to use. Go to Zoom support


  1. You will be sent a link to book your place in the online class,
  2. once you have done this
  3. an email will be sent with the meeting link.


Breath and Smile.  It will all work out.

Virtual Hub Meetings have us all smiling