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We acknowledge the inspiring and committed work of other allied wellness providers and reach out to invite you to add online exercise and empowerment courses to your service offerings.

Balance Minder promotes a sense of “usness” to create a healthier and happier world.

Balance Minder Tribe Affiliate membership gives you access to exclusive benefits and rewards.

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Gain instant access to experience our full package of Self-care Online Training Courses (value $220)

Make the move to a Mentally Healthy Workplace
On your Feet Time Out Tai Chi
Off your Feet Time Out Tai Chi
Value your Story

Access to our Virtual Hub classes

Connect with clients through the power of an illustrated children’s book

Registration includes 10 free copies of the Time Out Tai Chi children’s illustrated book Welcoming Jing (total value $110) to sell or giveaway

Have FREE online resources for connecting Balance Minder with your clients’ needs

Creatives for each product

Regular Tribe Affiliate Virtual Hub Meetings booked through our Wellness Hub Webinar Calendar

Be financially rewarded

Earn 50% on the sign up fee of all successful referrals

On-going incentives for sales of 10/20/30 courses

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