Brief: Take Time for Tai Chi – a whole school approach to taking time for exercise for mental health
A self-care session for all staff incorporating the benefits of physical activity and experience of taking time for Tai Chi for all, followed by a take away healthy snack. Senior and selected students  will be offered focus classes on Taking Time for Tai Chi and its benefits to enhance positive mental health. Our senior students will then support the trainer and enhance the whole of school parade presentation, where together, students and staff will take time to move in unison as a proud statement to value physical activity and mental health within our school community.

The Experience:

This event took on a whole of school approach, starting the day with a Time Out Tai Chi- Off your Feet session for Staff and P& C members.  12 Participants attended and the session was well received as they experienced seated Tai Chi.  This mode of exercise was chosen to ensure inclusiveness and encourage calmness through exercise. Discussion was held on the connection between exercise and positive self-talk and our mental wellbeing.Take Time for 5 to talk mental health bags were enthusiastically distributed to all staff rooms (95 staff) by these participants.  (Contents: Time Out Tai Chi – Welcoming Jing Book, benefits hand out, Grapevine Help-a-Mate cards, heathy snack of vege sticks, hummus, Fruit Oat Slice and Pumpkin Oat Bread).  Staff were also provided with a webpage link to have a go at Time Out Tai Chi and to find the recipes.Three groups of students from year 10 & 12 (over 230 students and Teachers) experienced the Time Out Tai Chi and practiced positive self-talk through out the session.  Having over a 100 students and staff at a time say to themselves out loud “I am proud” after having a go a something new, is an exhilarating moment.It was then time for the whole school parade, Year 7 through to 12 (over 800 participants). Technology decided to do its own thing so the parade started with a music free, heart felt whole school rendition of our national anthem, Australians all let us rejoice, For we are young and free…Five year 12 students came up the front to help with the facilitation of the Time Out Tai Chi form.  They did an excellent job.  This session started off with a warmup brain training game and play it safe skills (accompanied by Bon Jovi – Its my life), then Time Out Tai Chi (to The Script – Hall of Fame) and finished off with Qigong (breathing) to the Rocky Theme.  Through out the session we stopped, breathed quietly and then reminded ourselves out loud – “I am Proud”.  To finish off with “I am a wonderful, intelligent, beautiful person” being voiced as one and then the teachers standing to give the students a round of applause created a sense of belonging and pride in each one of us.


This was like no other tai chi I have experienced; it was exciting! – Deputy Head Teacher

It was great to see a group of boys huddle together and say, “I am Proud” – Teacher

The Take Time for 5 bags were well received and staff did get together to talk about the importance of mental health – Admin


Take time to learn a little Time Out Tai Chi

Recipes for morning tea items available here at https://www.balanceminder.com.au/recipes/

More Photos from the day to come