Off Your Feet
Time Out Tai Chi

Seated  Course

Exercise the body and mind from a seated position

Did you know it’s possible to still get a great workout whilst sitting down? Many will never have considered it, whilst some might even tell you it’s not possible.

But it is. And it delivers unbelievable health and wellness benefits enabling increased flexibility and strength, while safely seated.

Fitness; deeply grounded in Tai Chi
Our courses are not traditional Tai Chi programs. Balance Minder wellness courses are designed to remedy our modern world. Using a mixture of traditional Tai Chi practices in combination with modern fitness practices, Balance Minder strengthens the body and the mind. 

Off Your Feet
Time Out
Tai Chi:
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This course is perfect for you if you would like to improve your physical, mental and social wellness and:

  • You are concerned about your balance
  • You are chair bound
  • Are easing back into exercise and feel safer to sit
  • Are recovering from injury or surgery (and your doctor has given you the all clear to exercise)
  • You have given birth (and your doctor has cleared you to exercise)

What to expect in the On + Off Your Feet Time Out Tai Chi programs

What to expect from a Balance Minder learning experience

Time to learn the Balance Minder Way

Our courses and programs will help you learn a new way to move and think.

Choose your comfort zone

Any time, any place and any where you can move, pause or pace yourself.

Easy to navigate learning resources

Login on multiple devices.  Use your computer at home/work and your phone/tablet when you are on the move.

Explore the Wellness Hub

Keep up-to-date with course information, stay motivated, read health articles, create new healthy eating recipes and join us for a Wellness Webinar.

Receive new videos each week for 7-weeks with continued access to keep up the practice

Delivered straight to your inbox, you will receive new videos each week for 7-weeks to complete in the comfort of your own home.

Time to learn a new way

The On + Off Your Feet programs will help you learn a new way to move and think.

Engage in the Wellness Hub

Connect with Leanne and other participants through the Wellness Hub. Here Leanne will share advice, recipes and ways to get the most from your practice.

Workout from anywhere

Access your course content from any device! Balance Minder programs are designed to be streamed through your TV, desktop computer, laptop, tablet or even smartphone.

What you’ll learn

On + Off Your Feet Time Out Tai Chi Courses

Brain Training

Warms up the body + mind and prepares you to learn and engage with the new practices.

Play It Safe skills

A set of exercises designed to move the whole body to build muscle and core stability.

Time Out Tai Chi

Grounded in Tai Chi; encourages calmness, serenity and stillness through movement, whilst building fitness.



Breathing exercises where you use your whole body to help cool down after a workout and calm the mind.

Build on the On + Off Your Feet modules, plus:

Unique Session Focus

Enhance your Tai Chi experience using a creative way to explore mindful movement. Tai Chi principles allow you to find serenity through movement and helps focus to induce moving meditation.


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