Find positive ‘time out’ to build resilience in our children

You know how we sent our children to have ‘time out’ when they are upset or angry and often this so-called breather from each other escalates into another conflict.

Well, what we do, is use a story to introduce some fun breathing, posture and movement into your and your child’s life.  We do this when we are happy and want some positive ‘time out’.  Kids have the most incredible ability to link movement with calmness, often it is as we grow up we start to sit still.  Being engaged in exercise is important for our kids’ health and well-being and is a life skill promoting good self-esteem and stress management tools.

I have worked with a Mum and her autistic son, she practised the exercises and reflected on her behaviour and how she could stay calmer.  All the while her lovely lad listened on.  At the end of each session I would summarised with the lad all the learning we had done.  After a while he understood the concept of reducing his stress in his body and mind, just by watching Mum. A couple of years later, Mum rang me to say, the Lad had been removed from school for a couple of days, while on this mandatory break he had found my book and remembered the breathing and exercises.  He was going back to school to show the other kids how to do Time Out Tai Chi, much to his teachers and Mum’s delight.

All kids love sharing time with their parents, grandparents, carers and love ones and it is a great skill we can model to use exercise for relaxation.

Remember practice when you are happy and use the skill quietly and confidently when you are angry or upset.

Please enjoy this little sample video of Time Out Tai Chi- Finding Jing, it complements the book – Time Out Tai Chi – Welcoming Jing.

Jing means serenity

Welcoming serenity into your life is a no-calorie chocolate cake

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