Balance Minder

Pivot Well

Want change at your pace? 

Has the Doctor told you the same thing time and time again, do exercise, but does not understand it will just mean pain?

It doesn’t have to be this way!

How would you like to smile at the thought of exercise rather than grimace?

Would you like to Value YOU! again?

15 minutes at a time

Easy to access

Suits all fitness levels

No special equipment

Seated or standing

Anytime, any place, anywhere

Exercise in a gentle and relaxing way

Designed for time poor people

Strengthen the body and mind

Pivot Well Tribe Membership


Online training portal for self-paced learning

Do things at your pace with an on-demand training portal, to tell you make the change you want.


Time Out Tai Chi

Learn both a seated and a standing modern-day adaption of this ancient mindful martial art. (29 lessons) on-demand plus Virtual LIVE (minimum 5 sessions per week) classes


Value YOUR Story

Start to Value YOU! through our self-paced course where you re-discover your talents and plan a way to use them to help you move in the right direction.


Safe and supportive online Community

A place where you get to see the best of people throught our virtual live  Smile Room.  Your place to bring a smile or gain a smile.


Tribe coaching sessions

Find motivation and skills to move forward in your wellness goals with Principal Trainer, Leanne Simpson plus special Guest Coaches.  

Plus BONUS access to:


Bring your family/friends with you

Have your household join in the Virtual Classess with you for no extra cost.  


Wellness Hub

Health information, motivation and recipes at your finger tips


Chronic Pain Management Tools

Exercise can be fun at your pace, let me show you.


Tech Help

Using Technology efficiently is one of the best ways to save energy.  We will look at LinkedIn, Microsoft Teams, Calendars, and online shopping. 

“happy policy”

Cancel anytime and if you are not happy in the first 14 days we will refund your monthly fee.

A Balance Minder Membership is designed to remedy our modern world.

Using a mixture of traditional Tai Chi practices in combination with modern fitness practices, Balance Minder strengthens the body and the mind.

I can’t remember what it was like before Balance Minder. Certainly not as capable and fulfilling as now!!

B. Smith


I love working with Leanne. She showed me how to gently exercise and improve my overall health. I would recommend Balance Minder membership to everyone.




Value YOU! 

Value Your Story to help you clarify and recognise your unique talents.

By keeping a Talent Journal, we are Setting the Scene to Find YOUR Story and then Tell YOUR Story.

To Value YOU! is an important step in valuing and empowering a healthier YOU!

Let’s take the time to move mind and body to clear the path to wellness.

Feel the value of connection through our Tribe Training sessions where we look at our Mindset, Organisation, Focus and Action to Pivot Well.

Belong, have a plan and smile

Virtual LIVE Classes Time Out Tai Chi

The ultimate at home class.  You connect with your fellow members from the comfort and safety of your home.  Each class is 30 minutes each.  No more driving to and from the class venue.

Time Out Tai Chi classes can be done seated or standing depending where you are on the day.  Sometimes we all need to exercise seated as this helps with the relaxation and calmness when we are feeling unbalanced.

We also have “Move it” Time Out Tai Chi where things are focused on our younger members, so there are fun songs and games to go along with the tai chi.  Many members join in even if they are young at heart.  These are great classes for parents as the kids can run around, do their own thing, and join in when they want without any interruption to the group.

BIG BONUS: we only require one paid membership per household*

What’s included?

  • Classes through our virtual hub (up to 5 per week)
  • Rewatch & Relearn (recording of classes)
  • Community

Connect – have fun – smile and exercise!


On Your Feet (Standing Time Out Tai Chi) On-demand

Exercise the body and mind

At Balance Minder, we believe complete wellness is a mind and body job. That’s why our On Your Feet standing introduction course aims to strengthen your muscles, focus your mind and calm your emotions. This course is designed for time poor people wishing to exercise in a gentle and relaxing way.

This course is perfect for you if:

  • You would like to improve your physical, mental and social wellness
  • You are just getting back into exercising
  • You would like to extend your range of motion
  • You would like to add some mindfulness movement to your fitness program
  • You want to get stronger and more flexible
  • You would like to help manage your blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels
  • You would like to improve posture, mobility and balance

Off Your Feet (Seated Time Out Tai Chi) On-demand

Exercise the body and mind from a seated position

Did you know it’s possible to still get a great workout whilst sitting down? Many will never have considered it, whilst some might even tell you it’s not possible.

But it is. And it delivers unbelievable health and wellness benefits enabling increased flexibility and strength, while safely seated.

This course is perfect for you if:

  • You would like to improve your physical, mental and social wellness
  • You are concerned about your balance
  • You are chair bound
  • Are easing back into exercise and feel safer to sit
  • Are recovering from injury or surgery (and your doctor has given you the all clear to exercise)
  • You have given birth (and your doctor has cleared you to exercise)

Fitness; deeply grounded in Tai Chi

Our courses are not traditional Tai Chi programs. Balance Minder wellness courses are designed to remedy our modern world. Using a mixture of traditional Tai Chi practices in combination with modern fitness practices, Balance Minder strengthens the body and the mind. 

What you’ll learn in class

Brain Training

Warms up the body + mind and prepares you to learn and engage with the new practices.

Play It Safe skills

A set of exercises designed to move the whole body to build muscle and core stability.

Time Out Tai Chi

Grounded in Tai Chi; encourages calmness, serenity and stillness through movement, whilst building fitness.


Breathing exercises where you use your whole body to help cool down after a workout and calm the mind.

Build on the On + Off Your Feet modules, plus:
Unique Session Focus

Enhance your Tai Chi experience using a creative way to explore mindful movement. Tai Chi principles allow you to find serenity through movement and helps focus to induce moving meditation.

View a

Sample Course

This Tribe IS for you if:

Feel frazzled and like you’re being pulled in every direction

Don’t have control over your daily routine

Are struggling to find the energy for regular exercise

Are looking for a way to bring the collective energy of the household down

This Tribe IS NOT for you if:

You are not ready for taking a step forward

Don’t have a doctor’s clearance to start exercise

You don’t believe your mind and body are connected


On demand (over 25 videos) and virtual LIVE (6 available per week. more to come) classes

Easy access Training Portal

Wellness and exercise programs suitable for both mobile and mobility limited people

Engage with Principal Trainer, Leanne Simpson with Special Guest Presenters and the community through exclusive monthly Tribe Coaching Sessions

Access our wellness hub for recipes and motovation articles

Exclusive discounts on Balance Minder Events, Workshops and Programs

$66 per month

$44 one-off Sign Up Fee


Self Care

Pivot Well with our selfcare program to enhance your wellbeing and promote healthy choice in your life.


Workplace Wellness

Lead Well through upskilling and resources to increase your Teams productivity and enjoyment of your workplace.  Using our 5 links to Lead Well to empower your Team Wellness Influencers


Learn to Teach Time Out Tai Chi

For Exercise, Education & Health Professionals to be able to deliver this innovative and inclusive exercise and mindful movement program


Corporate Services

An online wellness platform developed for your organisation with Virtual LIVE and on-demand classes


Book Club

A place for conversation on books celebrated as 'life changers" in the way we lead.



Workplaces where people feel connected are more productive & efficient



Create value & worthiness through professional development


Be Active

Mindful movement, positive breathing techniques and all team exercise 

Healthy Eating

Make it happen in the workplace, quick, tasty and lots of fun


Mental health & inclusion, the basis for all wellness activities 


Anytime, any place, anywhere

we can help with technology training



A Balance Minder Membership offers courses that are for anyone, antime and anywhere.

  • Improving overall health + wellbeing of our communities
  • Linking improved mental health with exercise
  • Managing chronic pain
  • Improving the effects of other exercise
  • Promoting inclusiveness in exercise
  • Sharing positive ‘time out’ with kids
  • Keeping it simple sessions
  • Building resilient tribes
  • Embracing Usness for a healthy world
  • Educating and empowering

Time to learn the Balance Minder way

Our courses and programs will help you learn a new way to move and think.

Easy to navigate learning resources

Login to multiple devices. Use your computer at home/work and your phone/tablet when you are on the move.

Choose your comfort zone

Anytime, any place and anywhere you can move, pause or pace yourself.

Explore the Wellness Hub

Find motivation, health articles, create new healthy eating recipes and join us for a Wellness Webinar.

Please consult with your medical and health professional before commencing any exercise program.