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Time Out Tai Chi


Attention: Exercise, Health & Education Professionals

Are you ready to teach for a healthier you and community?

We train Leaders to be able to faciliate an inclusive group mindful movement class.  You can make it a stand-alone, an addition to your services, in the workplace or as health promotion.  Learn at your pace with personalised support.

Let’s share Time Out Tai Chi

If you are a Health, Education or Exercise Professional learn to teach Time Out Tai Chi to enhance the life of yourself and those around you.

The course will give you the skills to deliver a tailored program to accommodate the varying needs of your clients and students.

Linking the ancient art of Tai Chi to the modern-day.

This training program has been developed to give you the skills to implement an inclusive form of exercise into your service offerings.


The features of Time Out Tai Chi

  • Adaptable for location (small room)
  • Seated option for varying health issues (falls risk)
  • Suitable for all fitness levels
  • Encourages mindful movements
  • Reduces stress
  • Engages audience for health promotion
  • No special equipment or clothing required
  • All ages
  • Stand-alone or integrate into your own program

The benefits of Time Out Tai Chi

  • Reduces stress, anxiety and mood disturbances through exercise
  • Chronic Pain Management (encourages pacing)
  • Promotes a mentally healthy workplace
  • An inclusive activity to promote team building
  • Fun and engaging movements for those wishing to discover exercise
  • Promotes positive behaviours
  • Fitness Australia AusREPs receiv14 CECs

Let's add some positive 'time out' for kids

Included in our course is “Welcoming Jing”, which gives you the resources to transfer the Time Out Tai Chi knowledge base to our younger population.

This course connects with our Time Out Tai Chi illustrated children’s book “Welcoming Jing“. 

Participants must hold and provide details of their Working with Children Check.

Learn to Teach Time Out Tai Chi


Online training portal for self-paced learning

Do things at your pace with recordings added after each group coaching sessions. These lessons will be available after completion of the study group.


Safe and supportive Community

A place where you get to see the best of people


Leaders Private group

So you can connect with others learning and using Time Out Tai Chi for the their own and their communities health


On-demand Time Out Tai Chi

Practice in your time, at your place and watch as many times as you want


1:1 coaching sessions

Link through our virtual hub with our Principal Trainer, Leanne Simpson as you progress through the course.  Develop your session plans for your class situation.

Plus BONUS access to:


A 1:1 Orientation coaching session

Meet our principal trainer, Leanne Simpson through our virtual hub (zoom or MS Teams) to get to know each other.


Group coaching sessions

Find motivation and skills to move forward in your upskilling.


Time Out Tai Chi Virtual LIVE

Join as a participant in any of the the virtual LIVE classes as a participant.  This wil help you to see and experience the beauty of this mindful exercise with clients. 


Upskilling & on-going support

Finish the course and still access to regular group coaching sessions.


Welcoming Jing

Learn to use this course for all ages including our children to promote mindful movement for calmness.  (separate certificate issued, subject to T&Cs)


Technology Help

Using Technology efficiently is one of the best ways to save energy.  We will look at LinkedIn, Microsoft Teams, Calendars, and online shopping


Wellness Hub

Health information, motivation and recipes at your finger tips

 Over the years, I have tried a number of Health Programs. However, I never seemed to be able to enjoy them fully, as my mind would always be busy with issues from the day or things I wanted to get done once the program was over. Time Out Tai Chi is the first program that I have taken that allows me to be peaceful and my mind and body are at rest. This has been a welcome change to my daily life.


“I am hoping to give back to the community as well as reducing mental health and social barriers”


Time to learn the Balance Minder way

Our courses and programs will help you learn a new way to move and think.

Easy to navigate learning resources

Login to multiple devices. Use your computer at home/work and your phone/tablet when you are on the move.

Choose your comfort zone

Anytime, any place and anywhere you can move, pause or pace yourself.

Explore the Wellness Hub

Find motivation, health articles, create new healthy eating recipes and join us for a Wellness Webinar.

Learn to Teach 

Course Details

What’s included:

The course will give you the skills to deliver a tailored program to accommodate the varying needs of your clients and students.

Linking the ancient art of Tai Chi to the modern-day


Welcome & Study Plan  we provide you with a suggested study plan to ensure your experience is organised and beneficial


Connect mental and physical health using the correct language through our Creating a Mentally Healthy Community and understanding the link between exercise and Chronic Pain Management


Find the benefits of Seated Time Out Tai Chi – off your feet for all your clients and yourself by experiencing it. 


Move on to the Standing Time Out Tai Chi – on your feet version of the adaptive exercise form.


Find the power of Wellness through inclusive exercise.  Connect Wellness, exercise and the WIIFM idea.


Delivering Tai Chi principles in the fitness industry.  Find how to link our everyday and traditional exercises with foundation systems of tai chi


Adding balance to your classes through session planning and connecting with the needs of your clients.


Explaining Tai Chi Principles & Qigong links the how with the why and helps you add tai chi language to your presentation.


Calmness is cultivated through a postive start and Play it safe skills.  These have been developed to enhance body awareness and are an excellent warmup set for all exercise.


You will receive videos, printable notes, a manual and downloadable resources.  The best way to share Time Out Tai Chi all there for you including music, game cards and participant awards.


You have 6 months to complete the course and your certificate of completion is valid for 2 years, with a renewal program available. 

That’s  a minimum $2530 of value packaged into one easy-to-access Course for just:


Bonus inclusions:

Time Out Tai Chi LIVE – 10 week access  ($154 value)

On-going support 1 year  ($330  value)

Group Coaching ($330 value)

Technology Help ($220 value)

5 x ½ hour one-on-one coaching sessions with Principal Trainer, Leanne Simpson ($550 value)

Welcoming Jing – children’s Time Out Tai Chi  ($286 value)



Children’s Book

Exploring the calming effects of good posture and breathing techniques. This illustrated children’s book “Time Out Tai Chi – Welcoming Jing” sees us following along with Jing the Panda as he makes new friends using Tai Chi.

Connecting her love of writing and Tai Chi, author Leanne Simpson asks the readers to share in the moment as each fundamental Tai Chi form is developed.

Posture of Infinity and Posture of Open & Close and the Tai Chi salute are broken down to engage children and adults in the idea of movement and activity as a way for making friends. 

Jing translated means serenity. Welcoming a little serenity into our lives has far-reaching health and wellness benefits. 


Time Out

How you can implement Balance Minder learnings in your offerings.


Balance Minder

Balance Minder has been improving the health and wellness of individuals and organisations for more than 12 years, through a collaborative approach with a focus on mental well– being.

We are a web based and face to face collaborative wellness provider, specialising in programs which promote positive physical and mental well-being, build community resilience, and make organisations a happier and healthier place to work.

Leanne Simpson is the founder of Balance Minder and has more than 25 years’ experience educating, coaching, and researching in areas of communication, business, hospitality, technology, health, fitness, and well-being.

From her base in Mackay, Leanne uses her formal qualifications in Personal Training, Wellness Coaching and Training and Assessment to guide her clients on a journey to optimal wellness.

Time Out Tai Chi was a finalist in the Australian Fitness 2020 Community Activation Awards.  The program is delivered around Australia. 

Leanne has taken the beauty of ancient tai chi and given it an Australian connection.  It has been designed to be inclusive therefore enabling all participants to find calmness and joy through mindful movement (exercise).

“It took me awhile to work it out – not being very tech savvy, and not having done any online courses before, but once I did get the gist, it was great. Excellently planned!!”


I will use Time Out Tai Chi to achieve a “soothing, subtle mental health activity for students (especially under 13s)” & “Adding to my ‘tool kit’”


This IS for you if:

You are ready to be embrace sharing an exercise for mental, physical and social wellbeing

You know everyone learns at their pace

You want to be the best you can be

You realise exercise needs to be fun

You have a vision of life being enjoyable

You want to learn how to make exercise suit EVERY BODY! (this includes your own)

This IS NOT for you if:

You are only doing it for the CECs

Don’t have a doctor’s clearance to start exercise

You don’t believe your mind and body are connected


Coaching a person to be able to use their teaching skills to develop a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their students is the primary goal for the Time Out Tai Chi Learn to Teach Program.

I help Leaders to be able to faciliate a mindful movement session knowing they are doing good for their community and also for themselves.

I believe EVERY BODY as the right to exercise and as Leaders we need to model this behaviour.  

Time Out Tai Chi can be facilitated seated or standing and our Leaders can choose their delivery method.  

– Leanne


What are CECs?

AusREPs with Fitness Australia are committed to industry standards and ongoing professional development. Continuing education improves existing skills or develop new ones.

Professional development involves completing 20 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) every two years, in order to maintain Fitness Australia registration.

Continuing Education Credits (CECs) are the units used to measure continuing education. CECs are allocated according to the quality and duration of an education program or event. Those that include an assessment of knowledge and skill gained will have higher CECs.

Time Out Tai Chi is a Fitness Australia approved CEC program allocated 14 points.

Please consult with your medical and health professional before commencing any exercise program.