Modern Workplace Leaders

How confidently do you feel to be able to Lead Well?

 (it’s time to pivot your leadership techniques to embrace workplace well) 

Upskill to be able to enhance meetings and staff connections.

Looking for change which does not cause you more work than you can handle?


Are you trying to encourage your office to choose healthy options?

Has this been detrimental to your own health?

Is the team frightened of change, but it is up to you to show the way?

 Are you lacking ideas to get on with the job?

It doesn’t have to be this way!


How would your workplace like to start the day positive?

How would you like them to smile at the thought of mindful movement rather than grimace?

Wouldn’t it be great to have them all on the “well” Team?



Promoting a sense of “usness” in the workplace encourages belonging. Teams thrive when having a shared vision and knowing how each of their roles fits within the organisation. Workplaces where people feel connected are more productive & efficient.


Opportunities for growth through Professional Development show staff they are valued and worthy of investment. All learning within the course is available to be passed on through your organisation.

Be Active

Mindful movement and positive breathing techniques are invaluable when exercising.  Time Out Tai Chi has been developed for all fitness levels to move together. 

Healthy Eating

With 1/3 of our lives spent in the workplace, it is important to access healthy options for meeting snacks and refreshments.  For the workplace to deliver this alternative focus they need budget friendly, quick healthy and easy to access foods.


1 in 4 people will be affected by a mental health issue in their lifetime, 1:5 have chronic pain and many others have disabilities or health issues.  These Team Members need to be recognised as positive contributors to the business requiring respect & consideration.  Inclusiveness enables them to participate in all the wellness links.

Lead Well

Professional Development & Resource Mentorship Course


Online training portal for on-demand learning

Do things at your pace with recordings added after each group coaching sessions. These lessons will be available after completion of the study group.


Workshops (virtual)

Group upskilling so you can book time in your calendar.  On-demand is great when you are quickly looking for information.  Workshops get you doing rather than “gunna do”!


Study group (virtual)

So, you can connect with our principal trainer & others to ask questions, be inspired to achieve your goals and reduce feelings of isolation.  These sessions are not mandatory and you are able to join in as you wish.  (recordings will be available)


Resource Hub

Health information, motivation and recipes at your finger tips to share with your team.  No more looking for wellness information


Introduction to Time Out Tai Chi (virtual)

Exercise can be fun at your pace, let me show you.  The best way to introduce this inclusive mindful movement option is by you experiencing it.  There is a strong focus on pacing yourself. Suits all fitness levels.  


1:1 monthly coaching session

Meet our principal trainer, Leanne Simpson through our virtual hub (zoom or MS Teams) to get to know each other and develop strategies for your Team


Safe and supportive Community

A place where you get to see the best of people

Plus BONUS access to:


Special Guest Presenters

Balance Minder has a diverse range of presenters to help including a Talent Specialist, Visualisation Coach and Experienced Team Leaders.


Balance Minder Membership

Learn both a seated and a standing modern-day adaption of the ancient mindful martial art of tai chi (29 lessons) Time Out Tai Chi on-demand plus Virtual LIVE classes


Tech Help

Using Technology efficiently is one of the best ways to save energy.  We will look at LinkedIn, Microsoft Teams, Calendars, and online shopping

Research indicates our social support and social integration
as playing a high importance in our health and being.
50+ papers with data from 19799 employees show evidence of a reliable and quite strong relationship between employees’ identification with team and organisation and their health.
Key conclusion: Workplaces without a sense of “us” not only tend to lack leadership but also make people sick. 

94.74% respondants agreed.

Survey Course 2019

One way to connect with all the groups within the workplace is through values, aspirations and behaviours. When we find common ground on issues we are more likely to connect. Values convey what is important to us in our lives. Values motivate us.

3 top workplace values: Communication, Good work ethic & treat people with respect, Teamwork.

Survey Course 2019

Workplace Leadership is changing

It is time to step up and show the way to a workplace where staff wellbeing is a part of the business plan.

Work related stress for the individual can increase their risk of: Psychological Injury/Illness (depression, anxiety, burnout, emotional distress, suicide) & Physical Illness (cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal disorders, immune deficiency, gastrointestinal disorders).

For the organisation it can mean reduced productivity, decline in job satisfaction, increased absenteeism, add conflict within the workplace, may increase accidents and injuries, and lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Lead Well

Course Details

What’s included:

This course focuses on real time implementation upon successful completion of each session Mentee’s will be able to deliver innovative well sessions. 


Mentally Healthy Workspaces

Let’s start using the same informed language, connect physical activity, exercise, pacing for chronic pain management to making our workspace mentally healthy.


Value YOU!

Step one to making changes to mindset, is to Find your STORY which reveals skills and talents which may have been forgotten.


Lead Well Principles

“Team (insert your name here)”.  Explore different techniques for doing the things you need and want to do within the workplace to cultivate wellness including Social Identity & Value Mapping.


Social FOOD$

Explore community cooking to engage positive food choices.  We look at budget friendly, quick & easy to prepare healthy foods for the workplace.  Recipes, Caterers notes and session plans included.


Downloadable Resources

Constantly berating ourselves for non-completion of tasks can take more energy than doing them.  That is why we provide images and text for you to inform your team of wellness opportunities.


Time Out Tai Chi

Being active provides long term healthy benefits for all.  Time Out Tai Chi is an at your pace, in your time and at your place form of exercise. Complete the Facilitator program modules to incorporate some Time Out Tai Chi into team meetings (virtual or F2F).  During the term of the Lead Well Course you will be have access to our videos/virtual live class for you & your Workplace Team.  Learn promotion, risk assessment & facilitation skills.  (Lessons from this course can be credited towards our Learn to Teach program.)


1:1 Coaching Session

Monthly 1/2 hour individual coaching sessions to debrief and discuss your own needs.  


Workshops & Study Group

Weekly check-ins and support so you can ask questions and calendar time for your study required to complete this program.

Workshopping with Principal Trainer, Leanne Simpson will introduce each new strategy through a hands-on approach.  There will be a recording of all sessions available in the learning portal for reflection, review or if you can’t make it at the time.


MS Teams Tech Training

We will use the Microsoft Teams platform for most of our training which will include how to use some of the great tools available.  Please don’t worry if you have only a little knowledge of this tech. 



Connection is the key to wellness so though our Lead Well forum you will find like-minded people embracing being the best they can be with a passion for workplace wellness.

That’s $6160 of value packaged into one easy-to-access Course for just:


 +GST $220 per Mentee

Why? because we are passionate about Well Workplaces and we want to help YOU make it happen. We also support workplaces wanting to enrol more than 1 team member.

Bonus inclusions:

Balance Minder Pivot Well Membership (Value $440)

Special Guest Presenters (Value $660)

Tech Help Learning (Value $660)

Time Out Tai Chi Facilitator videos & virtual live class (Value up to $2200)


Leanne Simpson Balance Minder Principal

Collaboration Specialist

A passionate wellness educator and coach with more than 25 years’ experience in Research, Training, Assessment and Facilitation in the fields of Business, Communication, Hospitality, Customer Service, Fitness and Health and Well-being. Committed to improving the health and wellness of all Australians through an integrated Tai-Chi approach, Leanne delivers comprehensive wellness programs that exercise both body and mind for individuals and organisations, through her wellness platform Balance Minder. 

Sound knowledge of the market principles and trends with the ability to formulate strategies, make decisions, plan with confidence and execute, having a quick grasp of the cutting edge technologies.

Specialises in mentoring Team Leaders to activate their workplace wellbeing plan using her 5 links to Lead Well.  Takes a strength based approach to coaching her Mentees, with at your pace ethic.

If you are looking for a way to relax and do exercise, I would recommend connecting with Balance Minder. You can even Zoom without leaving your house. Leanne is amazing at Balance Minder with her Time Out Tai Chi classes. 


It is so fun and good for everybody.

Jeanette H.

This IS for you if:

You are ready to be embrace your value

You know it takes a plan to pace yourself

You want to be the best you can be

You realise it sometimes takes a team to lighten the load

You have a vision of life being enjoyable

This IS NOT for you if:

You are not ready for taking a step forward

Don’t have a doctor’s clearance to start exercise

You don’t believe your mind and body are connected

RECEIVE $6160 OF LEAD WELL TOOLS FOR $2200 + GST $220 per Mentee

Gain access and be guided through you course virtually with:

  • 6 months of mentorship
  • Online Training Portal
  • On-demand lessons & recordings
  • 4 Workshops
  • Weekly Study Group
  • 1:1 monthly coaching session
  • Downloadable wellness information for your newsletters/tool box meetings & intranet
  • Healthy Meeting Eating Planning
  • Real-time implementation of learning
  • MS Teams


  • Special Guest Presenters
  • Access for your team to Time Out Tai Chi (virtual classes)
  • Tech Training (MS Outlook & Word for flyers)


 +GST $220 per Mentee

6 month course with on-going support available

Get started straight away!

Pay now for access to our Time Out Tai Chi on-demand and Virtual LIVE classes straight away, with our group training starting in mid-March 2021


I’m so passionate about supporting people to lead with confidence so they are modelling heathy choices within their workplace.

Being the Leader is more than yelling instructions and directing traffic.  It is about enhancing your own life and those around you.

– Leanne Simpson, CEO Balance Minder


Please consult with your medical and health professional before commencing any exercise program.