Tribe Leaders

Acting together for a healthier community

Balance Minder believes in collaboration and has partnered with professionals who have similar values to provide health and well-being packages.

Leanne Simpson – Principal Trainer & Assessor

“Education is power!” has been Leanne’s lifelong philosophy.  Her passion is to make learning inclusive, engaging and enjoyable.

Her resume is long and diverse as she has ventured to calm her inquisitive mind.

This led her to Tai Chi and its documented health benefits.

Debbie Dreaver  – Values & Career Confidence Coach

Debbie is an experienced Values & Career Confidence Coach, who is passionate about helping people find and tell their story towards a mentally healthy life and a rewarding career.

She is committed to recognising key talents of job seekers and assisting businesses in recruiting and managing people for positive outcomes.

Learn to Teach: Time Out Tai Chi Graduates

Balance Minder Training College offers a modern-day adaptation of tai chi. 

Developed by our Principal Trainer Leanne Simpson to upskill Exercise, Health and Education Professionals in Time Out Tai Chi – Welcoming Jing thereby engaging community in exercise for mental wellbeing. 

Collaboration Partners

Balance Minder is excited about organisations collaborating to fully engage community in positive choices.

By promoting usness we come together to make the move to a healthier world.

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