Day after day we walk the tightrope of life, whether it links one chore to another or is gradually tightening around our necks, it is always there. One foot wrong and we will plunge into … what?

Where will we end up, somewhere new, in the same place we are now or just maybe, a place calmer, and sweeter. Now, how great would it be? Could it happen?

Sorry, I just don’t have the time to risk it!

Time is just a measurement, it is constant and never-ending. Our time is special and worth consideration. To have a good time, we need some planning. Even having no plan is a plan. One of the most efficient time plans I use is the “15 minuter”. I name my task, set my stopwatch and focus on it until the time beeps. I then congratulate myself on a good job.

I would rather walk this tightrope to where ever, than risk the plunge. It’s scary!

Being scared sometimes is good for us, as long as the feeling doesn’t become irrational and controlling.  Are we happy to walk the tightrope, wobbling, breathless and with no end in sight?

How about a little step onto a platform where we breathe and stand tall, for just a moment?

Let’s give it a try with a little 5 minuter –  yes, just 5 –  we need to start slowly.