What a fan-tastic time we had!

Linking the ancient art of Tai Chi to the modern-day

Held over 2 evenings, we explored tai chi principles as we found mindful movement.  The Tai Chi Mackay Fan had us consider our intention as we performed each move – soft and gentle plus strong and focused.  The evening finished with a tasty snack as we reflected on finding fun through calmness.

With 10 people coming to try their hand at our Mackay Tai Chi Fan wellness workshop. Many walked in without any prior experience soon all were doing Cloud Hands and Fair Lady works the shuttle and flicking their fans.

One of the major challenges people face when trying something new is their own fear of looking silly to others. Here at Balance Minder, we say put a smile and keep going and no one will be the wiser.

Having a go means you are a winner.


Date of event

20 and 27 Feb 2020
Venue Mackay Women’s Centre
Thank you for supporting this wellness session.

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