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Often we wait to the stress is unbearable until we do something about. Have you considered the positivity you can create when you listen to the little birdie at her first tweet?

“The early bird catches the worm!” – This is how we should look at self-care.

The Monday Wake Up crew Peta Jeppesen, Beyond The Classroom Australia and Balance Minder by Leanne Simpson invited participants to find their new normal as we started to think about prevention rather reaction to compromised well-being.

Start the day well.
Embrace a positive mindset,
Love organisation,
Feel delightful focus,
and take the right action for you

The event was an opportunity to connect within a small group with delicious food and good company.

We started off the morning with some Time Out Tai Chi lead by Balance Minder’s Principal Trainer, Leanne Simpson. For half the group this was a first time experience. There was plenty of giggles as we warmed up “I Feel Good!” and then became calmer and quieter as we all embraced mindful movement. After feeding the mind well, it was time to energise the body with some healthy nourishment.

Beyond the Classroom Australia’s Peta Jeppesen had us thinking about who we want to be as Educators and guided us through some activities about our mindset.

Leanne and Peta then joined forces to make us all comfortable in accepting sometimes things can be hard and by seeing in our mind what we want to be can be a great way to act.

“I am finding my inner Wonder Woman more every day, I see her and I am becoming her. Watch out world!

Some days it’s going to be hard, with a new mindset, “hard” has no power over me. Boiled lollies are hard, but with enough work, you find the sweetness.”

Leanne Simpson, CEO Principal Trainer – Balance Minder

Peta and Leanne wish to thank: the Dispensary for the excellent food and service, Fiona from Coffee & Hops for the images and most of all our Guests for having the courage to try something new. We both look forward to keeping in contact and hearing how you all went with becoming what you visualised .

Peta, Leanne and Emily (this photo was taken on Leanne’s phone

Watch this space for images from the morning for Fiona – Coffee & Hops

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Our first event was held on Thursday 9th July 2020 6.30am to 8.30am at the Dispensary