Mentally Healthy Workspaces

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Customised solutions for NFP, government + corporates

The only wellness solution that caters to all levels of fitness and mobility

Classes held through our virtual hub

Reflecting on movement, mindfulness and breathing for mental wellbeing

Time Out Tai Chi provides an inclusive environment for all your people.  

Through Balance Minder, Leanne Simpson delivers an online solution for all types of organisations looking to improve the health and wellness of their students, members, patients or employees through Time Out Tai Chi

Through our Connecting for a Mentally Healthy Workspace package,you can:

  • help improve productivity
  • reduce workplace injury + incidents
  • increase strength, improve posture and flexibility
  • increase emotional resilience
  • empower employees with mental wellness conversation skills

Leanne has been trusted by countless organisations to deliver solutions in a safe and convenient setting.


How to get started
Leanne will tailor a program for your needs and goals
The best way to start the process, is to call Leanne.

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How our corporate memberships work

Our programs are specifically designed to support corporate memberships to give you the flexibility and tools you need to allocate accounts to your staff.

1.Select number of accounts required (can be changed at any time)

2. We will create your corporate account, including creating a branded login page for your personnel 

3. We will provide you with information to share with your staff via email, including how to claim their accounts and getting the best from their course.

4. Your staff login via your organisation’s branded login page to their course and commence training


What will your staff receive?


Special access to the course content through branded logins (with your logo)

 Promote mentally healthy workplaces with one of our corporate packages.

Through our online programs you can help improve productivity, reduce workplace injury + incidents, increase strength, improve posture and flexibility, increase emotional resilience and empower employees with mental wellness conversation skills.

Each staff member will receive their own login to access:

 Balance Minder Virtual Hub 

 Class booking calendar

30 minute classes

 6 opportunities throughout the week

 Family Classes

 Focusing on movement, mindfulness & breathing through Time Out Tai Chi

Bonus –  On-demand recorded classes

Additional Support

Our Wellness Hub provides healthy eating options and information to support wellness.


Working with different organisations to increase their communities involvement in exercise for mental well-being is the strength of Balance Minder.  We provide effective and inclusive mindful movement for every body.  Making the online experience fun and engaging is our forte.

Leanne Simpson

Principal Trainer and CEO

Organisations we have a connection with:

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