Working professionals with chronic pain

Learn how to confidently live your life without being restricted by your pain (even if you’re afraid to try something new or feel like you’ve tried everything) 

Move along at your pace as you embrace your potential and spend time loving life 

Looking for change which does not cause more pain and will be done at your pace?


Are you trying to cope with your chronic pain while making money to pay the bills?

Has the Doctor told you the same thing time and time again, do exercise, but does not understand it will just mean more pain?

It doesn’t have to be this way!


How would you like to start to enjoy life rather than just making a living at work?

How would you like to smile at the thought of exercise rather than grimace?


Find your story to value you and those around you

Discover mindful movement at your own pace

Gain action skills to make your life easier

The Chronic Pain Pivot Course


Online training portal for self-paced learning

Do things at your pace with recordings added after each group coaching sessions. These lessons will be available after completion of the study group.


Safe and supportive Community

A place where you get to see the best of people


Private group of participants

So you can connect with others experiencing chronic pain, ask questions, be inspired to achieve your goals and reduce feelings of isolation


Weekly group coaching sessions

Find motivation and skills to move forward in your wellness goals


Introduction to pacing through Time Out Tai Chi

Exercise can be fun at your pace, let me show you.


Wellness Hub

Health information, motivation and recipes at your finger tips

Plus BONUS access to:


Off Your Feet (Seated Time Out Tai Chi) On-demand

Learn both a seated and a standing modern-day adaption of this ancient mindful martial art. (14 lessons)


A 1:1 pre-course coaching session

Meet our principal trainer, Leanne Simpson through our virtual hub (zoom or MS Teams) to get to know each other


Social FOOD$

Budget friendly recipes for when you need to bring a plate, have family catch up or a work gathering/meeting


Technology Help

Using Technology efficiently is one of the best ways to save energy.  We will look at LinkedIn, Microsoft Teams, Calendars, and online shopping

Love her vitality…wonderful person and teacher.  I feel great after each session.


I really enjoy Balance Minder & Time Out Tai Chi by Leanne Simpson. Why? Because Leanne personally connects positively with each person present and she reminds everyone to move at a safe level. Tai Chi helps me with Chronic Complex Pain Management and it also Calms my Mind and I feel Peace within my body Physically and Mentally. Socially it gives me an opportunity to build healthy relationships with Nice People.


Are you tired of the chronic pain conversation you are having with yourself and others?

  • Find your story again with a focus on your achievements
  • Learn to use skills that enhance your mindset and organisation
  • You can gain skills to say, “It is time to take action and focus on me”
  • Embrace pacing and mindful movement for a healthier mind and body

Chronic Pain Pivot

Course Details

What’s included:

We’ll cover how to shift into more positive coping strategies for your pain, believe again in your ability and manage the setbacks that can arise from managing day to day life with chronic pain symptoms so you’re feeling more energetic, mobile and fulfilled!


Making the Chronic Pain Pivot so you can make the changes you want; we start with making sure we are using the same language with our Mentally Healthy Workplaces course. Start developing your wellness strategy through a 1:1 pre-start meeting and ensure we are all connected.


“Value YOU” is step one in making changes to your Mindset, as you Find your STORY you reveal yours skills and talents which may have been forgotten in the fog of chronic pain.


Where do you belong in your Organisation – “Team (insert your name here)”. Using social identity mapping we identify the groups we interact with personally and work wise.  We rate the connections “usness” and reflect on which of these need to change.


Constantly berating ourselves for non-completion of tasks can take more energy than doing them.  Why is hard to Focus on certain activities?  We reflect on our values and those of around us and use this map to guide us to make the decision to get things done.


Taking Action so you can live the best life requires skills you have but aren’t harnessing due to the chronic pain constantly yakking.  This is where you start to use your new skills to move forward at your pace.


Community connection is the key to wellness so though our Pivot Well group you will find like-minded people embracing being the best they can be.


Private Group weekly check-ins and support, so you can connect with others experiencing chronic pain, ask questions, be inspired to achieve your goals and reduce feelings of isolation.

There will be 12 weeks of Group Wellness Coaching with Principal Trainer, Leanne Simpson to add depth to our self-paced learning.  There will be recording of all sessions available in the learning portal for reflection, review or if you can’t make the at the time.


Time Out Tai Chi so you can start your exercise with mindful, gentle and easy to follow movements.  At your pace, in your time and at your place. (Added bonus you can pause and mute trainer at your discretion).

That’s $3050 of value packaged into one easy-to-access Course for just:


Bonus inclusions:

Off Your Feet (Seated Time Out Tai Chi) On-demand ($155 value)

Social FOOD$ access ($220 value)

Technology Help ($220 value)

1 x ½ hour one-on-one coaching session with Principal Trainer, Leanne Simpson ($110 value)


About me

Leanne Simpson

I would have been around 30 when I received a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia that finally explained many of the chronic pain symptoms I’d been experiencing throughout my life.

As a teen, I had chronic neck pain and ongoing pain throughout my entire body after having my first child. It got to the point that I was unable to play with my children, housework became near impossible and doctors continued to tell me to go home and just deal with the pain. It wasn’t until I fell down in the street one day, and a number of people walked past me and laughed, that I realised I needed to find some answers and take my health into my own hands. 

I made a plan to not let my pain hold me back and attended a networking event where I sat beside a lady who handed me a flyer on Tai Chi. I took it home and stuck it to the fridge where it stayed for 6 months. It wasn’t until my daughter began experiencing anxiety that I noticed the flyer and decided we should give it a go together. From the first class I noticed not only physical changes, but also changes in my mental wellbeing. From then, Tai Chi became a regular part of my routine and even my daughter mentioned how much calmer I was as a mother. 

These days, I’ve been practicing and teaching Tai Chi for 12 years and have grown a successful business as a Fitness Educator and Tai Chi instructor. I focus on supporting people with chronic pain and other ailments to relax their mind, calm their body and stop their pain from holding them back from living a fulfilling life. I’ve seen clients who have struggled to walk long distances, balance themselves, neurological issues, mental health concerns and more…turn their life around and have amazing results like travelling interstate, go bushwalking again, leave the house and do tasks with ease that previously caused anxiety. I was recently a finalist for the Australia Fitness 2020 Community Activation Awards for my contribution to sharing Tai Chi throughout Australia. When I’m not practicing Tai Chi, you’ll find me out fishing, 4wd driving, camping and out in the vegie garden living a life that I truly enjoy. 

If you are looking for a way to relax and do exercise, I would recommend connecting with Balance Minder. You can even Zoom without leaving your house. Leanne is amazing at Balance Minder with her Time Out Tai Chi classes. 


It is so fun and good for everybody.

Jeanette H.

This IS for you if:

You are ready to be embrace your value

You know it takes a plan to pace yourself

You want to be the best you can be

You realise it sometimes takes a team to lighten the load.

You have a vision of life being enjoyable.

This IS NOT for you if:

You are not ready for taking a step forward

Don’t have a doctor’s clearance to start exercise

You don’t believe your mind and body are connected

Receive $3755 of chronic pain management tools for $550

Gain access and be guided through these programs:

  • Making the Chronic Pain Pivot
  • Mentally Healthy Workplaces ($55 value)
  • Your Mindset ($99 value)
  • Value YOU ($99 value)
  • Your Organisation ($199 value)
  • Your Focus ($199 value)
  • Your Action ($199 value)
  • Community access
  • Wellness Hub
  • Private Group Weekly check-ins and support
  • 12 weeks of Group Wellness Coaching with Principal Trainer, Leanne Simpson ($2200 value)


  • Off Your Feet (Seated Time Out Tai Chi) On-demand ($155 value)
  • Social FOOD$ access ($220 value)
  • Technology Help ($220 value)
  • 1 x ½ hour one-on-one wellness coaching session with Principal Trainer, Leanne Simpson ($110 value)


14 days no risk refund

Limited time offer

Sign up by 21st September 2020 and receive an extra 1:1 coaching session with Leanne!


I’m so passionate about supporting people to not accept their pain as the standard or as something holding them back from doing things they really care about. That’s why I’ve created my Time Out Tai Chi program and coaching services, to support my clients to be more than just their pain and to find joy in living and achieving their best life.

– Leanne


Please consult with your medical and health professional before commencing any exercise program.