[Chronic Pain Webinar] It’s FREE & LIVE and it’s here to change your relationship with your chronic pain once and for all! 

After many 1:1 conversation with clients, I’ve decided to run a special FREE webinar training about how you can change your relationship with chronic pain and become the narrator of your life’s story. 


I know chronic pain can feel like the only story you can tell and every conversation you have is about your chronic pain.  It seems to leave no room for the good things in life. 

It doesn’t have to be like that.  There is growing research indicating some wonderful tools that can be incorporated into your chronic pain management strategy and I’m so excited to share these with you! 

So, do you know you want to relate differently to your chronic pain…but have NO idea where to start?! 

If you’re feeling ready to step forward in this last half of 2020 and take back some of your life, then this webinar is for you. 

I will be showing up LIVE to cover some of the limiting beliefs I see in my clients that are holding them back, 3 steps to regain control of your story (at your pace and even at a quarter step at a time), and how you can support yourself to create a fulfilling life where chronic pain doesn’t run the show! 

How do I know this works?  With over 20 years of my own chronic pain, I have developed a self-paced strategy and simple tools which changed my horror movie into an adventure novel full of joy. 
Join me live on Tues 8 Sept at 7.30pm or Thursday 10 Sept at 10.30am ,plus if you can’t make it live you’ll get the replay sent straight to your email! 

Secure your spot now via www.balanceminder.com.au/webinar 

It is time to take charge of the narration of your story and start taking action on the life you deserve