Feel grounded

and improve the health and happiness of your family during self-isolation

A modern approach to Tai Chi for modern families

Hi, I’m Leanne,

Principal Trainer at Balance Minder, Registered Fitness Australian AusREP Exercise Professional and, most importantly, a mother (and now grandmother).

I’ve dedicated my life to teaching Tai Chi all over Australia. And now, during these unprecedented times, I want to make the calming benefits of Tai Chi accessible for families in isolation due to COVID-19.

COVID-19 has us all couped up at home. And whilst spending all this extra time with family should be a welcomed experience; it’s normal to feel overwhelmed during this time.

Through Calm My Tribe, I’m offering you the opportunity to share with your family exercise not only for movement but for calmness and connection.

After just one session you’ll feel happier and more content within yourself, and your family will feel the benefits too.

Calm My Tribe offers a modern and practical approach to Tai Chi to be completed in the home.

I’m inviting you to join me for a free session through Facebook Live, with the opportunity to then sign up to our extremely affordable ongoing online program, designed to make your home one that is calm, connected and joyful.

Calm My Tribe is for everyone.

It’s especially beneficial if you:

Feel frazzled and like you’re being pulled in every direction

Don’t have control over your daily routine

Are struggling to find the energy for regular exercise

Are looking for a way to bring the collective energy of the household down

Want to make the most from this stay-at-home experience and create joyful memories

Calm My Tribe can contribute to feeling more grounded, in-control of your emotions and improve the overall happiness of the household!

Mindfulness Through Movement

for the whole family

Calm My Tribe is perfect if you would like to improve your physical, mental and social wellness, and:

  • You would like to add some mindfulness movement to your fitness program
  • You want to get stronger and more flexible
  • You would like to improve posture, mobility and balance
  • You are just getting back into exercising or looking for a way to compliment your existing workouts
  • You would like to extend your range of motion

If you would like to receive access to a free session, join our Facebook group!

Workout from anywhere

Access your course content from any device! Balance Minder programs are designed to be streamed through your TV, desktop computer, laptop, tablet or even smartphone.

Want to see if Calm Your Tribe is right for you?

Simply by becoming a member of our Facebook Group you will be notified of our free sessions for you to see just how great you’ll feel by doing regular Calm Your Tribe sessions

Ready to jump in and sign up now?

Instant access to Calm My Tribe On Demand videos for you to follow along at home

Continued access for keeping up your practice

Standing wellness and exercise program suitable for those with no mobility concerns

Engage with Leanne and the community through the Wellness Hub

Access to our regular Calm My Tribe LIVE sessions

All for just $22 Sign Up Fee + $11 per week (cancel anytime!)