Extensive research has indicated a link between positive mental health and exercise as well as consistent mindfulness practices.  Individuals often experience barriers such as lack of time, motivation, resources, family care-giving and work obligations.  Balance Minder has created online exercise courses and empowerment programs for individuals to help break down these barriers.  

Each Balance Minder online experience has the common factors of enhancing mental health and wellbeing, valuing the individual and the positive implications for their extended relationships within family and the community.  

Our footprint we leave on this earth is very important to us here at Balance Minder and this includes our social impact.  Community Service is an opportunity to enhance our mental wellbeing and make our world a little better.

From 1 August through to 31 October we will be donating 20% of sales when subscriptions are made through these campaign links. Part of the Black Dog Institute’s aim is about creating a world where mental illness is treated with the same level of concern, immediacy and seriousness as physical illness. We applaud this and look forward to providing financial assistance through the funds gathered.

Please register now for one of our courses or programs by clicking on the blue title of the course of choice.  (participants must use these campaign links when purchasing to ensure donation)

Off your Feet Time Out Tai Chi Course (Black Dog Donation)

On your Feet Time Out Tai Chi Course (Black Dog Donation) Value YOU! (Black Dog Donation)

Make the Move to a Mentally Healthy Workplace (Black Dog Donation)

 Change the way you feel about your body through good posture and breathing. Start with “Off your Feet ” our seated exercise course, if balance is an issue, it’s been a while, recovering from an illness or injury or it will make your happier.  (Enjoy 15 minutes at a time).

Discover the power of mindful movement and relaxation through exercise.  “On your Feet” is our standing version of this modern-day adaptation, easy to follow introduction to the ancient art of Tai Chi.  (Enjoy 15 minutes at a time).

Feeling stuck?  Let’s add on to “Value Your Story “and through re-discovering your unique talents clear the path to wellness.  Create a talent journal and explore both Time Out Tai Chi exercise courses.

 Are you in the green with your mental health? Get the conversion started, connect mental health & chronic pain management with exercise plus use both Time Out Tai Chi courses to make mindful movement.