Ahhh, that was torture!

How many of us say “exercise“ with a groan or with a screwed up face? Even if we love our PT or group exercise session we feel compelled to whinge and moan about our attendance.

Changing the way, we use and perceive the word “exercise”, maybe the first step in making it a community norm to embrace programmed movement sessions.

Let’s practice.

Sit or stand in good posture with feet flat on the floor.

Take a breath in, ground yourself, smile, breath out and say out loud “exercise” 😊

Well done, let’s try it again

Take a breath in, ground yourself, smile, breath out and say out loud “exercise” 😊

Repeat as many times as you feel comfortable.

To finish, congratulate yourself.

You just did some programmed physical activity for a desired outcome and that’s called exercise.

Need some help with this, why not join Leanne as she breathes in the positivity of exercise

Click to share some “time out” with Leanne, to breathe, smile, exercise

Now that you have had a go, let’s consider why as a community it is so important to use positive language about exercise.

Its all about the branding, Coke over the years has asked us to “Smile” and now we are “Making life’s everyday moments more meaningful!”, McDonalds – ‘It all comes together at Macca’s.”

So let’s start our own brand slogan – Breathe, Smile, Exercise

Leanne Simpson of Balance Minder is a Fitness Educator and Wellness Coach and has developed Time Out Tai Chi, a nationally approved training program encouraging Australians to add exercise for mental health as a part of their wellness statement.