Models, those beautiful people on the catwalks of fashion, influencing our body image and self-worth. They are just doing their jobs selling us clothes, cars and even food.
How can we balance this story our children are being told?
Lock them in a room away from all the hype or maybe just blindfold and ear muff them?
We can write our own story, one starting with an appreciation of all body types and one where judging is done by reflecting on the successful completion of a task.

Wow look at the basketball player, she is so tall it has enabled her to help her team win.
The Model: She is beautiful, the way the clothes move as she walks shows the functionality of the garment.
Yes, that lady’s butt is big, but did it stop her from helping us today, No! So what has her butt size got to do with anything?

As parents, we are the models most observed by our children.
Maybe its time to ask ourselves, are we the best model available?
Are we showing our children the best view of ourselves?
Are we providing them with tools to be well, in body and mind?
I challenge us all to make one step forward on this task.
Message yourself this: one of these options – 5 points each time you do it

From today I will…

  • A) Dance to one song each afternoon this week
  • B) Cut up some fruit and eat it instead of a glass of wine this evening when I get home (save wine to have with dinner)
  • C) Smile and say hello to an older person when shopping
  • D) Sing a song as you unpack the school bags at the end of the day
  • E) Make up your own

BONUS points – double points if the kids are watching and you just do it without turning it into a life lesson.