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A modern approach to Tai Chi for AusREPs

Hi, I’m Leanne,

Principal Trainer at Balance Minder, Registered AusREP Exercise Professional and developer of  the Fitness Australia approved Time Out Tai Chi (14 CECs)

Time Out Tai Chi was a finalist in the Australia Fitness 2020 Community Activation Awards 

I am offering AusREPs the opportunity to “Have a go” at Time Out Tai Chi.  

This innovative program can be offered by you as a standalone class or you can intergrated into your existing offerings.

Often to make money we have to run a class for at least 45 minutes to an hour, but is this the best thing for our clients.  

Time Out Tai Chi has been developed with “play it safe” skills to help your client understand the benefits of good posture and technique when exercising.  

The Time Out Tai Form is easy to follow and promotes calmness and mental wellbeing through exercise.

Time Out Tai CHi is for every body.

It’s especially beneficial if you:

Feel frazzled and like you’re being pulled in every direction
Don’t have control over your daily routine
Are struggling to find the energy for regular exercise
Are looking for a way to bring the collective energy of the household down

Want to make the most of your exercise session and create joyful memories

As the Leader you can start feeling more grounded, in-control of your emotions and improve the overall happiness of clients, while also enhancing your wellbeing!

Mindfulness Through Movement

for the whole family

Time Out Tai Chi  is perfect if you would like to improve your physical, mental and social wellness, and:
  • You would like to add some mindfulness movement to your fitness program
  • You want to get stronger and more flexible
  • You would like to improve posture, mobility and balance
  • You are just getting back into exercising or looking for a way to compliment your existing workouts
  • You would like to extend your range of motion

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